Damocracy, a film on hydro-power and an ethical dilemma that wasn’t…

Is clean energy worth any price? Certainly, it is worth a high price to lower the human footprint on the earth, both for us living today, and for future generations. But is it worth the destruction and loss of ancient culture, heritage, archeological sites, or the displacement of indigenous people?  Like so many environmental issues, this question is complex and seems to present an ethical dilemma.

Hydro-power is commonly seen as clean energy, but according to the film Damocracy, it unfortunately is anything but clean. This is even more depressing considering the impact it is having on indigenous cultures and significant archeological sites around the world. It is straightforward this time – there really is no ethical dilemma. It is an easy NO. There seems to be evidence that hydro-power contributes to global warming, and many mega-dam projects threaten to completely destroy huge chunks of human heritage. Though the case could perhaps be made that clean energy is worth any price, in this case I don’t buy into it, especially if it is anything but ‘clean.’

I won’t presume to be able to completely judge the accuracy of the science behind the assertions of this film. I’ll leave it up to you to watch and judge for yourself…

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