Welcome to PhilosEcolAnt!

Our ecological problems are more than daunting, and sometimes I want nothing more than to bury my head in the sand and make it all go away. I fervently believe though that while we live in a time fraught with peril, we also live in a time of unprecedented opportunity.

It seems that all of our past errors (mostly in philosophy, which believe it or not, drives our entire world) are coming to a head. I am sure this is no different than any other period in history, but I can’t help but believe that we have learned something from our mistakes over the millennia, and I hope that we can engage our historical context with some thoughtfulness that will not only save our own skins but also make it easier for future generations to engage their historical context in a way that is meaningful to them.

As my small contribution to this endeavor, this blog hopes to generate some awareness of the myriad of environmental problems we face, and illuminate the complex social and cultural aspects of these problems. The issues I will draw attention to will be diverse – population, economic development, biodiversity, management of the environment, and consumption, globalization, to name a few.

As will become apparent in the posts, I view these problems as symptoms. Though I feel that there will be no lasting solutions to environmental problems by trying to solve those problems, I am convinced that there needs to be a wider awareness of them, especially those problems that are commonly viewed as solutions, such as hydro-power, which is anything but clean!

These problems will be approached from an interdisciplinary perspective, but as I am a philosopher, there will be many philosophical ideas to be found in the posts – which I think is sorely missing in the general mentality of our western culture. I am not an anthropology major, but since much of the content on this site was generated through assignments and papers in an introductory university course on environmental anthropology, there might just be some things that at least come close to resembling an anthropological approach, though I can’t be exactly sure… J

Though I have been known, on occasion, to voice my opinion, I can only hope to provide some general awareness of current environmental issues. Well, that’s not entirely true. I can also hope that you find something useful, and perhaps become inspired to comment and share your thoughts, or maybe even engage in some form of activism and change something for the good of the whole.




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